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A review of a game, put to voice and visuals.

God’s Number is 20

God’s Number is 20

All Rubic’s Cube combinations can be solved in 20 or less moves. [Continue]

Philosophy Football

Now this is a World Cup! [Continue]

Exploding Rabbit

In follow up to the previous article. For you viewing pleasure (note, there are expletives) …. Exploding Rabbit [Continue]

Variations on a Theme

Ever wonder how Simon Belmont would do in World 2-1? How about Mega Man or Samus, or that dude from Ikari warriors? Well, wonder no more! The staff of The Greatest Website of All have lost literally hours of productivity on this one. [Continue]

Few sights are more beautiful than family get-togethers

Few sights are more beautiful than family get-togethers

Every family’s got them. Awkward photographs. There’s really not a whole lot to be done, and frankly, we here at The Greatest Website of All don’t judge. We know what’s funny and interesting to one family is disturbingly, squirmingly awkward to another. Hence why an aged Bill Gates can stand next to a bagpiper that [Continue]

It is Pitch Dark…

For those of you who likely haven’t played the original Zork, but are amused by geekiness: In other news, I am very excited about the return of Barry and Levon to my television screen on July 14. [Continue]

Games ‘n Stuff

Games ‘n Stuff

I promise I won’t use this space to talk about video games (much).  But this game Machinarium, slated for release later this year, looks like it could be a robot-themed version of Grim Fandango, which took an extremely boring video game genre (Myst, anyone?) and made it interesting.  For those of you dorks who find [Continue]

And speaking of Jonathan Coulton

Here’s something for the people who are “Still Alive”.  Of course, for those of you who haven’t played “Portal”, you might get some more Lego goodness out of The Good Book. Oh, and here’s the song, sung by the man himself: [Continue]