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Google’s logo of the day

Yes, you have been Rick Rolled. [Continue]

The Aargh page

The Aargh page

This is amusing. Using Google data to look at the spelling of ARGH. The fact they use the word AARGHIVE is just fantastic, and qualifies it for the Hall of Fame. [Continue]

More Nerdism

I make no secret of loving my Lego Mindstorms NXT set. There is also a huge community of like-minded geeks out there, playing with Legos. Including a robot that plays Connect 4. In short, this is amazing. [Continue]

Colosseum Sofa – I want

Colosseum Sofa – I want I want one of these. [Continue]

Pencil Balancer using Vision Input only [Continue]

Why isn’t the Swiss Army Knife the Swiss Army Knife for girls?

You really do have to wonder. But, truth be told, the Key Kitty may be a great invention, or an incredibly stupid one. Personally, I can see its value, but still. Does everything need to look like Hello Kitty? If this impressed you enough, you can order your own at their website, or probably just [Continue]

Dashing the Dreams of America’s Youth

Dashing the Dreams of America’s Youth

With the closing of the space shuttle program, thousands of children (including those currently posting at this fine, fine website) will have their dreams destroyed. At least, until NASA finds a new way to shoot people into space. But what are all of those newly-unemployed astronauts going to do? Yeah, that and more at Gizmodo. [Continue]

The Elusive GrackelsaurusRex

The Elusive GrackelsaurusRex

We are proud to announce at that we have a new contributor. He shall be known as GrackelsaurusRex. Here may be a picture of his ilk. (Picture taken from the winner of the Hagis beast competition.) [Continue]

Variations on a Theme

Ever wonder how Simon Belmont would do in World 2-1? How about Mega Man or Samus, or that dude from Ikari warriors? Well, wonder no more! The staff of The Greatest Website of All have lost literally hours of productivity on this one. [Continue]

Not Fun

Not Fun

Well this was super annoying. The Greatest Website Of All was hacked on Monday. It took me about 30 min to fix it, but it is annoying. Everything is all cleaned up and Google now has unblocked the site. There are two lessons here. Make sure that you have backups of your site! (I did.) [Continue]

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