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I had a dream like this once. [Continue]

Subway Ride

The Goat Bagpipe

The Goat Bagpipe Yup, it’s a goat bagpipe. [Continue]

A Hipster With A Hippopotamus

A Hipster With A Hippopotamus. Good story for sure. [Continue]

The Abstract About Says it All

The Abstract About Says it All

I’m not sure what people talk about when they complain about the American tenure system being a prime opportunity for abuse and pursuit of purely academic interests. [Continue]

I think I remember this from “Highway 61 Revisited”

I think I remember this from “Highway 61 Revisited”

All of your favorite Bible stories are available at The Brick Testament All of your favorite stories, that is, in Lego format. [Continue]

Everyone’s had them.

The folks at haven’t owned the domain since about 2001, but look at the dates most of these calls were posted. Many within a few minutes of one another. If you’ve ever thought your love was back, well, you’ve never dated this person. [Continue]

Hot girls, et. al.

And now, The Greatest Website of All presents what everyone wants to see, Two Hot Girls in the Shower! [Continue]

Sort of like that scene in “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”

Have you ever seen depictions of food animals that seemingly are looking to be eaten?  You know, the smiling chickens in fried chicken commercials, or the happy cows advertising steak.  Oddly, this seems to be most common with pigs, depicting positive feelings about sausages, bacon, or pork chops (The Greatest Website of All’s adopted [Continue]

But I don’t really think she invented decaf

Naturally, as one of the creators of The Greatest Website of All, I’m a geek.  So is Felicia Day.  And she is very accomplished.  How this got to be one of the hot trends on Twitter is a story for a different day. [Continue]

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