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Content on the Net in 5 to 10 years?

I read this very interesting article by a fellow named Clay Shirky.

Here is one bit of it that really put something in perspective:

“In the future, at least some methods of producing video for the web will become as complex, with as many details to attend to, as television has today, and people will doubtless make pots of money on those forms of production. It’s tempting, at least for the people benefitting from the old complexity, to imagine that if things used to be complex, and they’re going to be complex, then everything can just stay complex in the meantime. That’s not how it works, however.”

Separately I ran into this spectacular video. Now this thing has some production value, I wonder what paid for this?

In that article of Shirky’s he mentions the single most viewed video in YouTube history to date. Amazingly, The Greatest Website of All had not seen the video yet.  We were the 176,907,987 view. views-for-charlie-bit-my-finger-stat

Here it is in all its glory.

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