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I can’t believe people still ‘cyber’

Isn’t cybersex totally, like, 1994?  Hmmmm…

I deleted a message after I saw this…


I am not suggesting that Gmail is responsible for this evil number, I leave the reader to decide.

In case you missed the soccer outfits…

This is over 2:30 minutes of awesomeness, but it doesn’t get going until 27 secs.  “Wait for it…”

And so it begins…

And so it was that at 5:47 CST on January 13, 2009 THE GREATEST WEBSITE OF ALL appeared on the internets.

(Please insert the opening bars from 2001 [A Space Odyssey] into your head now.)

The Greatest Website of All employs a proprietary possibly patentable technology to bring you the greatest stuff imaginable. Our algorithm is 26^18 more complex than Google’s search algorithm. It is also twice as accurate.

The permanent home of the TheGreatestWebsiteofALL on the interwebs is yet to be determined. We seek your assistance in voting on the matter. Please pick your favorite. If you feel strongly please vote multiple times if the webs will allow you.

What address should be our permanent home?

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As a taste of what is to come, we now bring you one of greatest clips of all.

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