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Making a false memory

I saw this video on TV a couple of months ago. It seemed like an old video I saw in the mid 1980’s. I couldn’t exactly remember it, but it seemed very familiar.

As I thought about it, I became more convinced that I remember seeing it. Imagine my surprise a couple of days ago to find that the band LCD Soundsystem did this song on a 2009 album “This is Happening.”

Polish Spider-man is awesome

Clearly a genius at work here.

Dylan + Jackson = Gaddafi

Cera + Samberg = Eisenberg

Not sure where this came from, but it made me happy.

Michael Cera + Andy Samberg
= Jesse Eisenberg

And they say high fashion is impractical

I found this when looking for something very, very different for this site. And it is far more awesome (in the classic sense of the word) than what I was trying to show you initially. Enjoy!

By the way, you can find the full line at Your Psycho Girlfriend‘s website.

The Goat Bagpipe

The Goat Bagpipe

Yup, it’s a goat bagpipe.

Giants covering Tubthumping

They Might Be Giants covers Chumbawamba

Google’s logo of the day

Yes, you have been Rick Rolled.

Awesome Mashups

Wow, these are of high quality. What is most amazing is that it takes tunes that I loved at one point but had become tired of and makes them new and great again. It is a novel sound made from something that you know. A brand new tune for your ears made from overplayed songs. Wonderful.

And for my buddy Will, here is another good one.

Don’t Talk – Angry Voicemail

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