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The Aargh page

This is amusing. Using Google data to look at the spelling of ARGH.

The fact they use the word AARGHIVE is just fantastic, and qualifies it for the Hall of Fame.

A Hipster With A Hippopotamus

A Hipster With A Hippopotamus.

Good story for sure.

Bacon is Good for Me

I was surprised how good this was. Not surprised how good bacon is, I know that, but how good this little video is. I would hate to work with this guy as an adult though.

Dophins and House Cat, Siberian Husky and Feral Cat

More Nerdism

I make no secret of loving my Lego Mindstorms NXT set. There is also a huge community of like-minded geeks out there, playing with Legos. Including a robot that plays Connect 4.

In short, this is amazing.

Sheen Family Circus

I love hearing the Charlie Sheen interviews. That guy is absolutely crazy.

Here is my favorite.

Book stop-animation

This stop-animation of books on a bookshelf is pretty sweet. I love me some Rodrigo y Gabriela and I love how they list the books in the credits. Amusing.

Baby Trashes Bar

Don’t We All Love Terry Gross

I mean, just a little?

But, truth be told, I don’t think AutoTune is totally dead.

Colosseum Sofa – I want

I want one of these.

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