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Pencil Balancer using Vision Input only

A review of a game, put to voice and visuals.

The Reason for the Season?

Sorry, ladies, it looks like the Asian Prince, Wo-Hen Nanakan, is no longer available, or even on the internet. It’s too bad, really, I was looking forward to hearing some or any of his music.

The good news, though, is that the Prince of Peace, Jesus himself, is still available (romantically, that is). Interests seem to be bathing

and existential discussions. Oh, and taking VERY grainy photographs. Still, if you live in the DC metro area and are looking for a good guy (presumably, the BEST guy), just make sure to visit his website. He’s also a big fan of Knudsen’s juices.

This one is a doozie

This is really terrific.  Totally cool. The fact that it is in Bath is just incidental but I love it.

The Joy of Cycling

The Joy of CyclingHehe, this is brilliant upon brilliant. Here are the people that made it.  Hipsters are funny.

This is about hipsters, isn’t it? I suppose there should be some reference to fixed gear bikes to send it over the top, but the beards are rock solid.

How Michael Caine Speaks

A Glorious Dawn


Snazzy Portrait Tattoos

Wow! Also, a happy little Bob Ross.

Paula Deen slowed down

3/4 the speed? 2x’s the awesome.

Wow, this is great.

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